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About the Author


Hey there, rockers! My name is FR!DAY ! AM !N ROCK and I’m a passionate writer and journalist with a love for rock and metal music. I’m an experienced writer who used to write for cool Thai magazines like Music ExpressBioscope, and Young@Heart where I honed my skills in music journalism. 

I’ve got a deep appreciation for the different sub-genres. From the psychedelic sounds of the 60s to the colourful glam metal scene of the 80s, who doesn’t love a killer guitar solo and an epic drum beat, am I right?

My passion for music has continued to this day, and it’s inspired me to share my love and insights with others. Even though I’m no longer actively writing for publications, I’ve started a personal blog where I can write about music as a hobby and share my thoughts and opinions on rock and metal music. It’s basically a space for me to geek out about all things rock and roll.

Through my writing, I hope to share the rich history of rock and metal music. I truly believe that the music of the past continues to inspire and influence the music of today. After all, as The Manics once said, “The future does seem to rely on the past for inspiration.” So let’s keep on rockin’, folks!

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