Liesegang – White: Visual Surveillance Of Extremities

Liesegang – White are Billy Liesegang and Doogie White, ahh, the legendary name Doogie White, known far and wide! Now, you might not be familiar with the likes of Billy Liesegang. But fear not, for I delved into Bill’s history, and boy, did I uncover a fossil from the annals of the music industry!

It turns out he’s been around since the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. He strummed the bass for David Bowie back in the late 60s and form a band with Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) called The Shots and his own band called Xero he become a hire guns for many artists, Rod Stewart, Jack Bruce(Cream), Nina Hagen etc.

And then we have our dear Doogie, a singer who always gives it his all. Let me tell you, this album is no exception. It’s like watching a gymnast on steroids, flipping and twirling through the air with remarkable finesse. Doogie’s vocals are a perfect fit for energetic hard rock music, but don’t be fooled, there’s a hidden soft side to him too. It’s like finding a cuddly teddy bear in the midst of a mosh pit. Although I must admit, his rendition of “A Prayer for the Dying” didn’t quite set the album on fire. It was more like a damp squib at a birthday party.

Ah, the album continues to take us on a nostalgic journey through the realms of rock ‘n’ roll history. After the electrifying opening, “Snake Eyes” slithers its way into our ears, giving off a distinct Rainbow vibe. It’s as if Dookie’s voice has been imprinted with the rainbow hues from his time singing with that legendary band. The echoes of the past harmonize with the present, creating a melodic tapestry that feels both familiar and fresh.

But hold on tight, my friends, because “Last Temptation” storms in like a hurricane, tearing through the speakers with its raw intensity. It’s like a musical battle between light and darkness, where the accent is torn apart, struggling to find its place amidst the heavy rhythmic onslaught. The result is a cacophony of sound that’s both thrilling and disorienting, like riding a roller coaster blindfolded.

As we continue our musical expedition, it becomes abundantly clear that this album pays homage to the golden era of 70s European hard rock bands. It’s like stepping into a time machine and finding ourselves in the midst of a raucous concert where the likes of Rainbow and Whitesnake reign supreme. The contemporary riffs add a modern twist to the mix, breathing new life into the familiar sounds of yesteryear. It’s like a fusion of classic and current, a cocktail of nostalgia and innovation.

So let the echoes of the past guide you, my dear reader, as you navigate the labyrinth of rock ‘n’ roll history. Doogie, with his rainbow-stained vocals, and his band of merry rockers, have crafted an album that pays tribute to the giants of the past while blazing their own trail into the future. It’s a ride filled with faded denim, headbanging anthems, and a sense of camaraderie that transcends time and space. So turn up the volume, unleash your inner air guitar hero, and let the spirit of 70s European hard rock sweep you off your feet once again!

Now, here’s the thing about this set: the hard rock accent leans more towards the European style than the American one. It’s as if they took a croissant, slapped some Nutella on it, and called it a day. And speaking of flavours, every song is drenched in the delicious sound of keyboards. It’s like having a symphony orchestra invade a rock concert, but instead of violins, you get the tinkling of ivory keys. Quite the unexpected pairing, I must say.

So there you have it, my dear reader. Liesegang – White and their merry band of European hard rockers, creating a musical concoction that will make you nostalgic memories and tinkle the ivories simultaneously. It’s a wild ride, so buckle up and enjoy the fusion of rock ‘n’ roll and classical elegance.


Released:     2005

Label: Avalon

Line Up:-

  • Doogie White: Vocals
  • Bill Liesegang: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
  • Thomas Lang: Drums
  • Barry Fitzgerald: Drums
  • PJ Phillipson: Bass
  • Si Mulvey: Bass
  • Roger Scott Craig: Keyboards
  • Michael Wolff: Keyboards

Track Listing:-

  1. A Prayer For The Dying
  2. Snake Eyes
  3. Last Temptation
  4. Worlds Collide
  5. New Addiction
  6. Vivaldi (Instrumental)
  7. The Gathering
  8. Lost Horizons
  9. The Ballad of Bible John
  10. Black Winter
  11. Old Father Time (Instrumental)

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