GG Allin Manifesto

GG Allin, the self-proclaimed “King of Rock and Roll”,┬áthe name alone elicits a sense of curiosity and intrigue, but what lies beyond the surface is a story that will shock and challenge even the most daring of individuals. GG Allin never success in commercial standard, but was more than just a musician, he was an embodiment of chaos and rebellion, the most daring punk rock artist of all time.

I first came across GG Allin in 1993, when read the news of his death. It was then that I became fascinated with the man who was known as “The true King of Rock and Roll” to his fans. I followed his story with interest, searching for his music, but it wasn’t until the internet and MP3s became available that I was able to listen to his music and truly understand the power of his art.

GG Alin
GG Allin

His music was not for the faint of heart, filled with sexual perversion, blasphemy, racism, insults to women, violence, insanity, madness, and a disregard for societal norms that was out of this world. GG Allin was a man who lived and breathed the punk rock ethos, a life that was dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what was considered acceptable.

His performances were chaotic and often ended abruptly due to the destruction of property, harm to himself, his bandmates, and even the audience. But what made GG Allin truly stand out was his complete disregard for societal norms and his willingness to push boundaries.

Warning: This video may contain violence.

GG Allin was never a commercial success, but he was a hero to those who valued rebellion and individuality above all else. He was a man who lived his life to the extreme, and his music was a reflection of that. When he worked with The Jabbers, his bandmates were pushed to their limits, and the band eventually broke up due to GG Allin’s madness. He spent much of his life in prison, a testament to his unwavering dedication to his beliefs and his music.

But he was more than just a musician, he was a force of nature, an enigma that challenged the status quo at every turn. His manifesto, or declaration of ideology, was a testament to his beliefs and his refusal to conform to societal norms. He preached a message of individualism and the rejection of authority, a message that was as controversial as it was powerful.

Who is GG Allin?

Born Jesus Christ Allin, Allin’s father had a vision that his son would follow in Jesus’ footsteps. However, due to his brother’s inability to pronounce his name correctly, Allin became known as GG. 

Influenced by Alice Cooper, Allin started his music career playing covers of popular rock bands before becoming the lead singer for The Jabbers in 1977. However, his dizzying stage performances caused the band to break up in 1984.

As the ’80s progressed, Allin’s performances became more intense, in part due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He had a punk attitude that rejected corporate involvement in rock and roll. Allin’s music was politically charged and dealt with topics such as sexual perversion, violence against women, racism, religion, and other forms of violence. His performances were characterized by blood, violence, and horrific props, causing venues to shut them down early.

Allin’s life revolved around being on tour, going to jail, or being hospitalized due to violent performances or drug-related illnesses. He believed that his body was the temple of rock and roll and that his music and life were one and the same. Allin was a determined individual who wanted to show a response to a society that was becoming increasingly violent and irrational. He believed that if he had not become a musician, he may have become a serial killer.

In 1989, Allin was arrested for minor offenses such as kicking and throwing chairs at spectators during a performance and masturbating on stage. However, the most serious charge was assault after he took a female fan back to his residence, resulting in her spending 12 days in the hospital. Allin defended himself in court, claiming that what he did was normal sexual behaviour. He was found to be narcissistic and suffering from depression, dissociative personality disorder, prone to self-harm, and living an extreme lifestyle.

Allin believed in a form of life after death and even planned to commit suicide on stage on Halloween nights in the late ’80s and early ’90s. However, he was prevented from doing so due to serving prison sentences every year. He explained his views on death in the documentary “Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies,” stating that he felt confined in this life and that his soul would be stronger in the next existence if he died at his peak.

Allin spent 15 months in prison from 1989 to 1991 and wrote a book “30 Days in the Hole,” which chronicled his time in prison. He died from a heroin overdose on June 28, 1993. Despite his controversial and often disturbing behavior, Allin’s legacy as a punk rock icon continues to inspire and shock audiences to this day.

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If you believe in the real underground of Rock ‘N’ Roll, then now is the time to do something about it. The time is now to overthrow the current situations and declare war on the record companies, radio stations, publications, clubs, and anyone who promotes the whole so called “scene” as it now stands. We need to destroy it all and take it back from the corporate phonies and conformist. But action must be taken now and blood must be spilled.

 First let me tell you who I am. I was born Jesus Christ Allin in 1956 in Lancaster, NH. The Jesus Christ they preach about in the Bible is a phony imposter – just a crutch for the cripples to lean on. Fuck that weak shit! I am the man to deal with. I created myself inside the womb from the fires of Hell. There are no separations between Jesus Christ, God and the Devil, because I am all of theme. I am here to take Rock ‘N’ Roll back & prove to the world that I am the real king through the powers I have acquired.

 When I was born in 1956, Rock ‘N’ Roll first started taking off. Why do you think that was? Because I created it. I created Elvis. I made it all happen. Even before I was born I was plotting. But through the years everyone has let it all go. That’s why I am ready to take it all back. Nobody has held on. Nobody has had the indurence to finish what they were set out to fucking do. They all let me down or I took their lives for a purpose. I was the one who was throwing all the monkey wrenches into the gears. But money and commercialism made them all sell out. Even Iggy let me down. The Sex Pistols let me down. Sid let me down when he fell in love (that’s why they are all dead). And now we have the Ramones praising bands like Guns N’ Roses, which runs against everything they were set out to destroy.

 But now it’s 1991. This is the decade for the final bloody mutilation. Time to get Rock ‘N’ Roll out of the hands of the masses and back to the people who will not accept comfort or conformity at any cost. Then I will commit suicide on stage and the blood of Rock ‘N’ Roll will become the poison of the Universe forever. Take a look around and see what’s happening. Spineless record companies kissing the mainstreams ass, being pressured by the money media and politicians. So called cutting edge radio stations as fucking lame as the stations they oppose. Censorship publications kisssing the monkey suits asses, who in turn, are kissing someone else’s ass. Even so called “underground” publications have no fucking desire to get blood on their hands. They are too busy crying about how we can make the world a more wonderful place and how politically correct they can be. Talk is fucking cheap. 

It’s time to fight. It’s time for revenge. We need to overthrow Rock ‘N’ Roll as it now stands. We must bring down record companies by not buying their products. A boycot. If you have to have a record, steal it. That way they wont get your money. We’ve got to stop feeding them. Your support must now go to me – GG Allin, the commanding leader and terrorist of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Why do you think I am in prison right now? Because they know who I am and they fear my reality. Our society wants to stop my mission. They want to brain wash you and keep you locked into MTV, and their stagnating, safe worlds. It’s a plot to kill Rock ‘N’ Roll. I am the savior. Thats why I am considered a threat to society.

 This is what you should do: 

Go to your record store and buy all the GG ALLIN recordings you can find. If they dont have any in stock, tell them to order some. If they refuse, then do what you have to do. Call radio stations and demand GG Allin. Spray paint “GG ALLIN” everywhere. Make them aware that the disease and the Scumfuc tradition is still spreading. Write “GG ALLIN” on all your dollar bills. Any bills you have. People do not throw money away, so it would be a free way to get the message out. You must do it every day of your life. We must live for the Rock ‘N’ Roll underground. It CAN be dark and dangerous again. It CAN be threatning to our society as it was meant to be. IT MUST BE UNCOMPROMISING. And with me as your leader, it will happen. I am ready to lead you, my allies, into the real Rock ‘N’ Roll underground. Let’s get started.

WhaT I Think about GG Allin

his MANIFESTO overthrow of record companies, radio stations, and other entities involved in the music industry. The author, GG Allin, advocates for taking back Rock ‘N’ Roll from what he perceives as corporate phonies and conformists, claiming that he created Rock ‘N’ Roll himself and is the true king of the genre. also expresses a nihilistic worldview 

Overall, the language and messages in this article are extreme and potentially dangerous. It is important to remember that violent and aggressive behavior is never the answer, and promoting illegal activities such as theft is not acceptable. It is up to individuals to decide for themselves whether they support or reject Allin’s views, but it is important to do so in a responsible and peaceful manner.

His Life was a controversial and confrontational figure in the punk rock scene. He was known for his violent and destructive behavior on stage, which often included self-mutilation, defecation, and assaulting audience members. He also had a criminal record for various offenses, including assault, disorderly conduct, and sexual assault.

Many people found Allin’s behavior offensive and disturbing, and his actions have been widely criticized as reckless, dangerous, and ultimately harmful to himself and others. Some fans and supporters, however, saw Allin as a rebel and an iconoclast, someone who was willing to push the boundaries of what was socially acceptable in order to make a statement about the state of society and the music industry.

Regardless of one’s opinion of GG Allin, it’s clear that his behavior was extreme and controversial. Some people saw him as a revolutionary figure who was pushing the limits of what was possible in music and performance art, while others saw him as a disturbed and dangerous individual who was in need of serious help. Ultimately, his legacy is complex and controversial, and his place in the history of punk rock remains a subject of debate and discussion.

In the end, GG Allin was a man who lived and died by his own rules. He was a man who refused to be bound by the constraints of society, and his music was a reflection of that. He was a true rebel, a punk rock icon who will forever be remembered as one of the most daring and controversial musicians of all time.

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